Winter Landscaping, Winter Services

Snow Removal

We offer snow plowing, shoveling, and de-icing services for residential and commercial properties.

Winter Plant Maintenance

We will protect your plant life with our winter protection services! We offer winter pruning and maintenance for trees and shrubs to ensure their health during the colder months.

Winter Lawn Care

We provide services like overseeding, aeration, and fertilization to promote a healthier lawn in the spring.

Hardscape Maintenance

Explore Landscaping provides maintenance and repair services for hardscape elements like patios, walkways, and retaining walls.

Seasonal Cleanup

Explore our end-of-season cleanup services to prepare landscapes for winter, including leaf removal and garden bed maintenance.

Winter Garden Design

Create winter-friendly garden designs with us! We incorporate evergreen plants and structures that add interest to landscapes during the colder months.

Holiday Decorations

Explore Landscaping will even hang your Christmas lights! We provide various holiday lighting and decoration installation services  for homes and businesses.

Gutter Cleaning

We will clear gutters of leaves and debris to prevent ice dams and water damage during winter.

Emergency Storm Response

We provide emergency storm response services for fallen trees or branches due to winter storms.

Winter Landscaping Consultations

We offer consultations to clients on how to prepare their landscapes for winter and provide recommendations for winter plant selections.

Indoor Plant Care

We have extended our services to include care for indoor plants, such as watering, pruning, and pest management.

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